5 Tips For Winterizing Your Home

Dec 24, 2021 | Blog, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Springfield, Tips & Tricks, Winter

Today’s calendar tells us that, officially, winter is here, right?; However, many parts of Ohio haven’t received inches of snow just yet. Well, don’t get too excited. We are in a state where it can be warm in the winter one day, and the next day it’s freezing. We’ll have some flurries and then wait for the big snowfall in no time. While waiting, Springfield Heating & Cooling worked together, creating a list full of tips. Check this out and repeat this information to your neighbors to be prepared. 

  • Buy A Generator-Raise your hand if you spent a week in a dark, cold house after Superstorm Sandy tore through the Northeast? If so, you know how smart it is to keep a generator at home. Try to catch a sale during those massive sales like Black Friday. 
  • Clean Your Gutters- Tree branches or leaves can easily fall inside your gutter. If you have water issues in your basement, clogged gutters could be the reason for this. Take pride in your gutters by at least cleaning them once a year. 
  • Cut The Power To Your AC- This is something most homeowners would never think of. Cut the power to your central air conditioner before the weather turns cold. Your compressor could be damaged if your AC accidentally gets turned on in low temperatures. 
  • Disconnect Garden Hoses- This is another one that isn’t so obvious to some homeowners. When you leave your hose connected, it can trap water inside. Other components, such as your pipes, can burst if this happens. 
  • Clean Attic Venting- This can be something you do when doing spring cleaning around your house. If you don’t have good ventilation coming through, this can cause ice dams. You can clean up in that area with either an air compressor or leaf blower.  

Since we are all watching our calendar and waiting for some flurries, we will have plenty of time to use this list before it gets too cold outside. So let us get ahead of the coming cold weather. 

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