Common Furnace Myths

Jan 7, 2022 | Blog, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Springfield, Tips & Tricks

Your heating systems work tirelessly daily to keep your home nice and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer months. Nonetheless, there are several myths commonly associated with your residential furnace. To enjoy the best in heating and cooling your home has to offer, Springfield Heating & Cooling would like to explore a few of the most common furnace myths.

Myth 1: Turning My Thermostat Up or Down Will Make My Home Heat or Cool Faster

Your systems only work at one speed, no matter how high or low the setting. So, the best thing to do is set the thermostat at the temperature you desire and leave it there. Our experts suggest between70-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, your system will overwork itself causing lots of wasted energy. 

Myth 2: The HVAC Technician Replaces the Filters During his service visit, so I don’t need to replace filters

Yes, our technicians can and will be happy to replace your filters during your service calls; however, you still want to change your filters regularly. Keep in mind A clogged filter makes your system work harder to circulate air. Therefore, our professionals advise homeowners to frequently check their filters and replace them at least every 60 to 90 days. 

Myth 3: I Should Cover My HVAC’s Outdoor Unit During Winter

This is the one that sounds like the perfect thing to do; however, covering the unit seals up moisture and speeds up corrosion. Not only that, bugs and rodents like to seek shelter in a covered unit, which can lead to missing or chewed through parts and wires. In 2022, HVAC guidelines and care have been updated, and it is now suggested to cover the fan with a piece of plywood only IF you get heavy snowfall. 

Myth 4: During the Summer, I Should Set My Thermostat to a Higher Temperature While I’m Away

This is not a good idea. Once you’re home and you turn the thermostat down, it’s hard for your HVAC system to catch up. Doing so creates a lot of energy and usage for the system to overcome before cooling again.

If you have been thinking about what is true and what is not over the years, rest assured that this list of debunked myths should help you put all the false ones to bed. 

Make sure you don’t overwork or damage your systems this winter.

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