Do Ceiling Fans Save You Any Money On Energy Bills?  

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Are you looking to save money? Using ceiling fans can benefit us financially in the summer and winter if done correctly. The primary difference between using fans in the winter as opposed to the summer is the fan’s speed and direction. In the summer, you should set your fans to spin counterclockwise, improving energy preservation. Though, in the winter, they should be set to rotate clockwise slowly. Ceiling fans enhance the movement of cool and warm air within your home, which allows your HVAC system to operate with a little more ease and gives you the gift of lower monthly energy bills! Springfield Heating & Cooling realizes how vital saving money can be, especially in these times. So, let’s take some time to look more into what ceiling fans have to offer you and your home!  

What Are The Ceiling Fan Do’s And Don’ts?  

To be sure to receive the benefits ceiling fans offer, you should first consider some criteria for operating ceiling fans. It will help you to discern what best accommodates you and your home’s needs. While ceiling fans help strengthen the cool air within your home by adequately dispersing the air around it, ensure you get the most out of these fans. Evade high energy bills will these tips:  

  1. Don’t Keep Ceiling Fans On All Day: When you are out and about, ceiling fans go off. You can always turn them back on when you get home. And, if you have smart-home automation, you can conveniently set your fans to switch on anytime!  
  1. Don’t Run Fans On High During Cold Weather: Set your fans to a low setting to assure cold air draws up as warm air flows down.  
  1. Run A Ceiling Fan With Your AC Only: Operating your fan without your A/C is a fast way to elevate the temperature in your home because devices such as ceiling fans generate small amounts of heat that add up.  
  1. Get The Correct Fan Size: All ceiling fans should serve the room size sufficiently and be secured at a central location to gain optimal savings. For example, a 36-inch fan reaches approximately six feet from the center point and may not accommodate a larger room efficiently.  

How Do Ceiling Fans Function?  

Ceiling fans alter the direction of the air by conducting your home’s electricity. Rotation of the blades doesn’t cool the air but provides a wind-chill effect by pushing it down, improving air circulation and your comfort during the summer months. In the winter, changing the spin direction along with the shape of the blades delivers an updraft, propelling the hot air to rise and preventing it from staying stagnant. The air moves out and down the walls, giving way to a warm environment at your level, so you may remain cozy without your furnace overdoing it. You will be delighted to know your energy bills will lower when you utilize your ceiling fans strategically! In addition, it’s important to remember not to run your ceiling fans while you are away from home. Neglecting to do so will waste electricity and, consequently, your money. Thus, it is crucial to be smart about when and how you operate your fans to help save on unnecessary expenses while preventing mold growth and excess humidity.  

How Do I Adjust My Ceiling Fan For Winter?  

As summer departs, we begin to see fall creeping up on us. And, in Ohio, soon after, we will witness how quickly fall can turn into winter, so we must prepare for the frigid days to come! There are numerous ways to ready ourselves and our homes for the change of the seasons, so how do we rework our ceiling fans to suffice come winter? Well, if you check out your ceiling fan, you will find a switch located on one side of your fan’s base. Once you’ve found the switch, turn off your ceiling fan with the pull chain and the wall switch. If you don’t, you may cause unavoidable injury to yourself or others! When switching up the fan blade direction, we suggest dusting off the light covers and the blades. And, if you wish to make any cosmetic alterations, doing so at this time lets you spruce up your ceiling fan more conveniently. Finally, once your ceiling fan is adjusted, you will essentially feel like you are standing under the back of a fan, which circulates warm air instead of cold air.  

Now, if you have any additional questions or concerns, you may contact us today at (937) 350-1881 or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! Springfield Heating & Cooling appreciates your business and works hard to secure your comfort amongst all forms of weather without giving way to higher energy bills! So, contact us today to let us know how we can be of service to you! 

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