Energy Tips for Super Bowl Parties

Jan 29, 2021 | Uncategorized

With Super bowl Sunday fast approaching, football fans across the nation are preparing for festivities. Whether you consider yourself an avid pro-football fan, or if you live with someone who is, parties on Super bowl Sunday are a major American tradition.  

As such, if you’ve ever hosted a party for Superbowl Sunday, you probably realize how expensive this role can get. To help you curb costs for your Superbowl Sunday party, we at Springfield Heating & Cooling present the following.

Lower the heat a few degrees

When it comes to any sort of gathering during the winter months, extra bodies in a home equate to higher temperatures. Add cooking to the mix and it’s known to really heat things up. Because of all this extra heat we encourage homeowners to turn the down thermostat a few degrees below the standard setting. As hot as things can get during a Superbowl party, your visitors are likely to appreciate this. Bear in mind all the movement and action associated with big football games, especially when they are closely contested. 

Regardless, if things still heat up despite this and it starts to feel a bit toasty, you can always turn it down some more. If this doesn’t work and the day ends up being warm out anyways, you can always turn off the heat altogether or crack a window open. Just keep in mind that opening up doors and windows is expensive, as you’ll be sending all your heated air and energy right out the door, literally. 

Keep extra lights off in other rooms

At most Superbowl Parties, we all tend to hunker down surrounding a single TV — which is typically our largest flat screen. Aside from perhaps the kitchen and the bathroom people rarely spend time in other parts of the home. We suggest using this to your advantage by keeping lights off in those other parts of the home, including any rooms that’ll go unused during your Superbowl party.

Food prep ahead of time

Because cooking for larger groups of people can heat things up in a home quickly, we advise homeowners to prep food ahead of time where possible. This way you aren’t combining cooking with a house full of people. Now we realize you’ll all want warm food. However, at the same time you don’t want to roast your guests. So prep ahead and use warmers in an outbuilding or garage to keep your food ready to go!

Keep Air Quality in Mind

Because you’ll have all this fun happening at once on Gameday Sunday, it’s easy to forget about the quality of air in our home. Indoor air quality is essential, and at the same time it’s known to become compromised in the midst of parties and gatherings.

Don’t let this happen in your residence. If your home is prone to indoor air pollution or if you have any unpleasant fragrances lingering there before or after the Super Bowl, call Springfield Heating & Cooling today at 937-350-1881, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!

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