How Can Homeowners Prepare Their AC System For Summer Vacation?

Jun 7, 2022 | Vacation, AC, Air Conditioner, Blog, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Springfield, Summer, Tips & Tricks

Summer is FINALLY here! And if you have traveling plans, I’m sure you are overflowing with anticipation for a much-needed getaway! If adequately planned, your summer vacation can be even more enjoyable! Strategizing well ahead of time is favorable, but we acknowledge that life can easily divert our attention from focusing on those more fine-lined preparations. Our devoted HVAC experts at Springfield Heating & Cooling want to point out some often overlooked duties to add to your list before you leave, confirming your home and HVAC system are running smoothly upon your return!

What is the Importance of Cleaning My Ducts/Registers Before Summer Vacation?

If you haven’t had your ducts/registers professionally cleaned within the last 3-5 years, we want to encourage you to do so now! Ohio’s humid heat, prevalent in summer, will urge you to employ your AC more frequently. With periodic air duct cleaning, your home’s indoor air quality will expand for the better. It also saves you money through less energy consumption that will leave you and your pockets quite delighted! You’ll feel more at peace with your vacation expenses, learning you’ve cut down on expenditures, like a high utility bill.

Furthermore, impurities in your ducts and registers will make it work harder, jeopardizing the life expectancy of your system. HVAC air filters offer to support your HVAC system by collecting some filth, but your ductwork will still get polluted from constant use. Built-up dust and debris negatively compromise adequate airflow from blowing through your AC. So ensuring your system operates with clean ducts and registers will assist in making your AC as cost-effective and comforting as possible upon your return.

What is the Importance of Sealing My Windows and Doors Before Summer Vacation?

Securely shutting and locking your doors and windows is necessary to disable trespassers from violating your home while you are away. Like locking up your house for safety reasons, sealing up your doors and windows is essential to prevent Ohio’s heat and humidity from accessing your household. Research has verified that drafts are guilty of being up to 30% of a home’s temperature inconsistencies. So while it may not appear like a huge deal allowing a little of the outdoor air in here and there, it is a significant reason ACs become strained in working to maintain your home’s cool environment. If you have already weather-stripped or caulked your windows and doors, but muggy air still trickles in, we urge you to examine your home further for any structural flaws. Proper sealing shuts cold air in and hot air out, decreasing your energy bill and carbon footprint!

How Do I Protect My Outdoor HVAC Unit in Preparation for Summer Vacation?

If you are vacationing for an extended time, you will most likely be cutting your grass before your travels. It is critical to remember your outdoor unit during your mowing process. Being cautious of your mowing direction can deter grass clippings from blowing in the direction of your condenser. Properly dispose of any excess grass clippings. Furthermore, be sure to inspect the perimeter of your unit for any other obstructions. Your cooling system’s performance can be negatively affected if your outer condensing unit is disturbed by lawn debris. When heat cannot suitably exit the condenser into the air, your home’s cooling capacities will lack efficiency. Plus, lack of airflow can damage your outdoor unit; these repairs and replacements do not come cheap!

Avoid unwanted situations before they commence by following these simple strategies, so you can peacefully enjoy that summer getaway! Our team at Springfield Heating & Cooling is ready to help! Also, please remember that duct cleaning is not a part of our regular maintenance service, so call ahead to ensure your HVAC needs are met accordingly. Call us today at (937) 350-1881, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! We appreciate your time and hope your summer travels live up to your expectations!

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