How Can You Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature?

Jun 17, 2022 | Sleep, Blog, OH, Ohio, Temperature, Thermostat, Tips & Tricks

The circadian rhythm regulates our sleep cycle, in tune with the sun’s night-and-day cycle, by using a part of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus, located in the hypothalamus. Multiple environmental and personal circumstances, like the amount of light exposure, physical activity, and temperature, signal this powerful “body clock.” At night, our core body temperature descends approximately 2 degrees, reaching its lowest degree in the early morning hours, gradually warming up as the morning proceeds. The optimal sleep temperature is from about 60 to 67° F. This temperature span allows the body to put forth less energy in sustaining this preferable temperature, resulting in more restorative sleep! Here are a few pieces of advice from our proficient HVAC professionals at Springfield Heating & Cooling; ensuring your summer slumbers help steer your life in a way that is more enjoyable and health beneficial.

How Can I Eradicate Indoor Allergens?

Are you tired of waking up all stuffy or sniffly? Spring may be gone, but summer allergies are here and can be just as intolerable. Allergies, no matter what time of year, are a frustration we all hope to avoid! For those who struggle with allergies, the effects on your quality of rest can hit you right in the face; or at least that’s how it feels. Truthfully, up to 40% of Americans are prone to developing allergy symptoms. And, for those who suffer from allergies, the odds of insomnia are doubled! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) points out the four major indoor air pollutants to be: 

  • Volatile Organic Compounds- VOCs are gases emitted from specific solids or liquids. VOCs can have short and long-term adverse effects on your health. Numerous VOC concentrations are up to ten times greater than those traced outdoors.
  • Radon- Radon emerges from the natural decay of uranium found in almost all soil. Radon can move up from the ground, combine with the air above, and infiltrate your home through any cracks or holes found in the foundation. Once trapped within your household, radon can expand, potentially inflicting those exposed to this dangerous gas with lung cancer.
  • Excess Moisture- The moisture level during the summer is moderately high, especially here in Ohio. Humidity is by far my most despised aspect of summertime! It’s uncomfortable, and high moisture in the home can quickly lead to mold growth. Yuck!
  • Carbon Monoxide- When exposed to CO gas, CO molecules can and will spend the oxygen from our bodies. This process can rapidly lead to CO poisoning or, even more tragically, death.

Thus, these pollutants are not only a concern for a stuffed-up musky home but can create an indoor atmosphere more harmful to you than the outdoors. To improve indoor air quality, the EPA suggests:

  • Using Indoor Air Cleaners
  • Limit Exposure to Airborne Indoor Allergens
  • Home Interior Ventilation

Thankfully, developments in HVAC technology have brought on increasingly better indoor settings, benefiting and safeguarding all who reside within.

Why Is Quality Sleep Important?

Swapping out air filters and guaranteeing your HVAC system is routinely inspected by a professional can yield long-term energy savings. But what can we do to better the deliverance of our physical energy? It is not only essential to care for our HVAC needs, but our body’s demands as well. Research has ascertained that poor sleep can have a hand in overeating. When your body doesn’t effectively preserve energy during sleep, it will oblige you to indulge in excessive eating to keep you moving. The irony is that you will feel exhausted and unmotivated, making all physical activity even less desirable as you push through the day. Lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, and overeating all can factor into becoming obese and even depressed. It is easy to become stuck in this unhealthy lifestyle, which can quickly cause a downward spiral in your overall health. It’s pretty disheartening that this can happen to anyone, all from poor sleep quality.

Does Choice In Sleeping Attire Affect Sleep?

It is no shock that at the end of a long day, most of us desire to retreat home, immediately change into something cozier, and relax. Determining the most comfortable sleepwear can help you stay relaxed throughout your slumber. While cotton pajamas feel soft and comfy, they can be less than ideal, especially in the summertime. To satisfy both needs for comfort and sleep, choose silk over cotton. Why? For one, silk is lighter and gentler than flannel and cotton on the skin. Silk also preserves your skin’s natural moisture, better regulating your body temperature, and allowing you to remain cool throughout the summer more efficiently. Not only is silk hypoallergenic, but it also promotes better blood circulation, delaying aging. Hence, if your options are cotton, flannel, or silk, go with silk!

These are just a few helpful tips to ensure your summer nights are prosperous and rejuvenating. Don’t delay; if you are fighting tooth and nail to get a good night’s sleep, which is necessary for motivating a more delightful and productive lifestyle, call Springfield Heating & Cooling today at (937) 350-1881, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! Our knowledgeable team of HVAC professionals is more than qualified to improve your home’s environment drastically!

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