How Can You Prepare Your HVAC System For Back To School?  

Sep 16, 2022 | Air Filter, Air Purifier, Back-to-school, Blog, Fall, Fall Preparation, HVAC, iWave-R, Ohio, Springfield, Thermostat, Viruses

Here we go again. We are inching our way into fall, which is the time for many to return to school! So, gather your books and supplies, and don’t forget to grab your iWave-r! Okay, maybe leave this HVAC device at home, though it is small enough to fit in your book bag. While it won’t do you any good to take your iWave-r with you to school, I can tell you what it is suitable for and some other essential HVAC factors to keep in mind as we enter the colder seasons. So, let’s dive into what Springboro Heating & Cooling wants you to know.  

Why Is A Clean Condensate Drain Important?  

A polluted condensate drain not only has adverse effects on your health but can also cause problems for your system. Your condensate line must drain adequately to provide an output of steady, clean, and healthy hot air as the temperatures decline outdoors. Any excess moisture from a dirty drain can cause furnace malfunctions, breakdowns, corrosion, molding, and the development of bacteria. Also, dirt and debris on your line can lead to the line freezing up in the winter, so preventative action is necessary. Please do yourself a favor, and clean it sooner than later!  

Why Reset My Thermostat For Fall?  

Resetting your programmable thermostat is more influential than one may think, particularly as colder weather nears. Not only does thermostat resetting provide better comfort for fall and winter, but it will also help you gain better control over your energy bills for the entire chilly season! Keep in mind, when awake at home, shoot for your home’s temperature to be about 68 degrees. Then, to save energy, you will want to put it to a lower temperature while away or sleeping. Just know that each degree makes an impact on those savings! Nevertheless, do not lower your thermostat below 55 degrees during the winter, or your pipes could freeze. And, for ultimate money savings, set your thermostat at a practical temperature for at least 8 hours before making any slight adjustments, avoiding any extreme adjustments.  

Why Seal Ductwork?  

For your heating system to operate to the best of its ability, it is necessary to have your ductwork assessed by a professional. If there is a leak in your ducts, no matter how minor-appearing, it can sincerely influence the functioning of your heating system this winter. A loss of the airtight integrity of your ducts will bring about excess energy expenditures and can diminish the air quality within your household. And here is how the iWave-r comes in handy. In its design for universal mounting, the iWave-r commonly nestles inside or outside your ductwork. The iWave-r is a nifty piece of HVAC equipment that lessens specific bacteria and viruses, which is ideal for this time of year when germs and illnesses seem to spread uncontrollably! Moreover, this device decreases odors, smoke, static electricity, and various bothersome particles within the home. So, along with cleaner air quality, you get cleaner duct coils. 

Although this can seem overwhelming for someone outside the HVAC profession, it can easily be navigated with direction from a specialist. And our crew at Springboro Heating & Cooling wants to make things easier by offering you our high-quality and well-respected services. So, call us today at (937) 600-6834, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here

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