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If you own a furnace, chances are you’ve had to deal with a pilot light that has gone out. Perhaps that’s why you are here today. We know this can be frustrating, especially if it happens on a cold winter night – and let’s be honest; most of Ohio’s winter nights are cold. But relighting your furnace’s pilot light is actually not all that complicated. Luckily, at Springfield Heating & Cooling, we want to make sure that your furnace is running smoothly and efficiently. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can get your furnace up and running in no time. 


Step 1: Begin by finding the pilot light assembly on your furnace. This is typically a small knob-like assembly located near the bottom of the furnace or near the pilot light opening. It usually is labeled with the wording “pilot” and “on/off.” 

Step 2: Be sure to turn off the gas supply to your furnace so that you can perform the relighting process safely! 

Step 3: Next, turn off your furnace by pressing the power switch. This switch is normally located near the base of your heating unit. 

Step 4: It’s crucial not to bypass this step. Please, wait a minimum of five minutes for any gas that may have built up in the furnace to disappear. This stops any accidental ignition of gases and creates a safe environment. If you don’t, it could be detrimental to you, your home, and your family. 

Step 5: The fifth step is to find the “pilot” button/knob for the pilot light. Turn the knob to “pilot.” Next, hold down the “reset” button/knob while using a long-reaching lighter or matchstick to ignite the pilot light. Then keep holding down “reset” while you bring the igniter lighter or matchstick close to the opening of the pilot light. As always, be careful when handling fire. If you are close enough, the flame should catch and ignite.  

Step 6: Once you see the pilot flame catch, you may release the pilot light button or knob, making sure to still observe the pilot light.  

Step 7: Once the pilot light is lit and stays lit, you can turn the gas supply back on to the furnace. 

Step 8: Be sure to place the burner cover back on if this applies to you. 

There you have it! Just follow these easy steps to relight your furnace pilot light and get your furnace once again emitting heat. Remember to always be cautious and follow directions for a safe process. 

If you’re struggling to relight the pilot light or it keeps going out, please reach out to a professional for help. If you want a dependable and locally owned HVAC company in the area, Springfield Heating & Cooling is more than happy to serve you! Call us today at (937) 350-1881, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!  

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