Happy April Fools’ Day! Today’s the day to stay sharp and dodge those tricky pranks that may just test your gullibility. While the origins are hazy, and no one knows for sure exactly how they started, many like to partake in this day to enjoy harmless fun and good laughs. As your go-to Springfield Heating & Cooling professionals, however, we thought it best to steer clear of fooling around. Instead, we want to utilize today to do the exact opposite. There’s so much misinformation out there regarding HVAC system care; let’s tackle some HVAC myths together to separate fact from fiction.  

One – The Thermostat  

Another thing we see quite often is the odd placement of thermostats. It seems that many believe the placement of the thermostat does not really matter. However, this could not be further from the truth. If certain factors are not taken into account when installing a thermostat, it can mess with the thermostat’s ability to get correct readings and, therefore, will miscommunicate with your HVAC system, leading it to put out air at incorrect rates and temperatures. Thermostats should never be placed near heat sources or drafty spaces. This means that placing a thermostat near a fireplace, heater, in direct line of sunlight, or near windows or exterior doors can cause all kinds of HVAC issues. 

To counter this particular myth, make sure your thermostats are installed on interior walls away from heat sources or drafty areas. Inner hallways are typically great spots! So, if you need a new thermostat installed or perhaps need to relocate a badly positioned thermostat in your home, it would be best to contact a certified professional to complete the job.  

Two – The Temperature   

Many actually think that cranking your thermostat to extreme temps speeds up the heating or cooling process. But here’s the deal – HVAC systems work at a steady pace no matter the setting. So, adjusting the temp won’t make your space warm up or cool down faster. In fact, falling for this myth just leads to wasted energy, letting your home reach a temperature you do not actually need. Instead, just set your thermostat to the temperature you want and let your HVAC system work its magic at its own speed. 

If you find yourself dealing with this issue repeatedly and want your home at a specific temperature at certain times, think about getting a smart thermostat. It allows you to change the temperature from your phone, making sure it’s just right when you’re back. Plus, you can sync it with your daily routines, so it adjusts based on your schedule. No more waiting necessary! 

Three – The Air Filters 

Don’t forget to swap out your air filters! There are folks out there who think it’s no big deal to let those HVAC filters sit for ages. But let’s set the record straight – this is just another HVAC myth; changing those filters regularly is key and totally works in your favor! Why? Well, air filters work tirelessly to sift out dust and other particles from the air in your home. This means you and your family don’t have to breathe the tiny contaminants in. They also are primarily made to filter out airborne particles from infiltrating your HVAC system. Otherwise, the buildup of dust and debris can cause issues for your system. 

It’s crucial to ensure these filters are doing their job effectively. Why? Because you don’t want those pesky particles sneaking into your HVAC system, causing trouble. Plus, you definitely don’t want them floating around your home, ready for you and your family to breathe in. To keep things running smoothly, make it a habit to switch out your air filters every 1-2 months. Your indoor air quality and your HVAC system will thank you for it, and you’ll be on your way to a safer, healthier home! 

Four – The Seasonal Maintenance 

Let’s talk about one of the most important HVAC myths that needs to be debunked, which is preventative maintenance. This means getting your air conditioner and furnace checked seasonally. When was the last time you had them serviced? Do you usually keep up with these checks or only call when something’s not right? We get it; it might feel like just a business move, but in reality, taking care of your units through preventative care is key. They are complex forms of machinery, after all. Your air conditioner and furnace work hard to keep your home cozy. Just like we tune up our cars regularly, your air conditioner and furnace need the same type of attention. 

As a homeowner, it’s smart to make sure your units are good to go for each season’s weather. So, remember to keep up with your furnace maintenance checks once a year in early fall and your air conditioning maintenance checks once a year in late spring or early summer. Bonus tip: staying on top of these checks helps maintain your manufacturer’s warranty too! 


Don’t let yourself be fooled by the vast amount of misinformation available! Hopefully, this HVAC blog has shed some light on the issue and guided you in choosing the best ways to maintain your home’s HVAC system. Sorting out facts from myths about your HVAC can get a bit tricky, but hey, we’ve got your back! We’re all about honesty and transparency. Want more HVAC care tips? Check out our other informational blogs! 

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