Pet Owners: How to Keep Pets and Keep Healthy Air Quality

Apr 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

As anyone who’s owned an animal can say, pets hold a special place in the hearts of their owners and can quickly become a part of the family. However, they also require a lot of work and responsibility. Keeping your animal healthy is especially important in the spring when shedding levels and outside allergens are through the roof. That’s why we at Springfield Heating & Cooling suggest making spring cleaning a priority this season! We put together a few things that you can look out for, as well as some cleaning tips to add to your cleaning routine! 

Just How Bad Is My Home’s Air Quality?

There are three major things that can show symptoms of how bad your home’s air quality is:

Your Pets

According to research done by ASPCA and an article by Rosemary Jean-Louis, “Unlike humans, dogs and cats won’t sneeze or cough excessively when they are allergic to pollen. They lick, bite and scratch themselves a lot. That’s because pollen falls on their fur, ears and the pads on their paws. The pollen is then absorbed into the skin through those areas. Allergic dogs and cats try to soothe themselves by licking, chewing and scratching those affected areas. Too much of this can lead to hair loss, scabbing and ear infections.” Any of these symptoms mean that it’s time to make cleaning a priority. 

Family Members

If any humans in your home are having difficulty breathing, are coughing, have frequent sneezing fits, or have a chronic runny nose, then you know that your home’s air quality is subpar. 

Your HVAC System Air Filter

Lastly, if you’ve noticed that your HVAC system’s air filter has been getting dirtier faster, or if you’ve needed to replace it more frequently, then it might be time for a more thorough cleaning of the rest of your home.

Cleaning Time! 

All of these problems can easily be fixed by cleaning your home this spring. We suggest that you dust, vacuum, and invest in grooming, bathing, and brushing your pets. While many families vacuum first, we suggest that you save it for last to make sure that you pick up any missed dust particles. Lastly, if you haven’t cleaned your air vents in a while, then it’s a good idea to vacuum those out this spring. All of these things will add up to a cleaner home and a healthier, happier family! 

Questions Not Answered?

If you’re looking for more tips, or if you’d like to talk with a certified professional about keeping your home’s air quality healthy this spring, you can call Springfield Heating & Cooling today at 937-350-1881, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!

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