Show your HVAC system love this Valentine’s Day!

Feb 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

With Valentine’s Day arriving fast this weekend, people everywhere are grabbing chocolates, cards and other gifts to show their special person how much they mean to them. 

Nevertheless, because we at Springfield Heating & Cooling are in the heating and cooling company, we’d like to remind homeowners this is a great time to show their HVAC equipment a little love for the holiday.

And, because the weather outside is particularly cold right now, we put together the following list of things a homeowner can do to show their HVAC unit some love for Valentine’s Day. This way, they can show that love right back by providing superior comfort, money savings and indoor air quality.

  1. Air Filters

All throughout home heating season, homeowners should be checking their system’s air filters every month. If you haven’t done so in the past few weeks, we suggest letting this serve as a reminder to do so. If you find your filters are clogged or dirty, replace them. The whole process should take only a minute or two. And yet, if the unit’s filter is dirty, this essential step can save you an untold amount of money. With that said, even if the air filter isn’t bad, upgrading to a higher quality HEPA filter is a tremendous gift of love, and one that results in superior indoor air quality every time! 

  1. Tune-ups are better late than never

If you forgot to have it done this home heating season, we suggest giving your expensive HVAC system a tune-up, as it’s better late than never. Home heating equipment is very intricate and expensive and it works around the clock in our homes to keep us safe and cozy, especially during these particularly frigid times as temperatures can drop to record lows at night. It’s also during these times in which they become prone to wear and tear and malfunction. 

As part of every tune-up, our technicians conduct a long list of vital system maintenance measures. These men and women share our vision of helping people. Each and every one is NATE-certified and fully insured. They carefully clean, inspect, lubricate and test a host of components to guarantee everything is operating like it should be. Ultimately, for homeowners looking to stay consistent with this service and save more, we also offer maintenance plans at discounted prices.

  1. Upgrading your HVAC system

Because we buy in bulk and have long standing relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers, we are able to get superior quality products at cheaper prices, and we pass these price savings down to our customers.

Throughout the year, as such, we offer all sorts of deals at prices you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking to upgrade your HVAC equipment, or considering any one of our affordable add on devices for indoor air quality and convenience, you really should give us a call! 

Whether you’d like to upgrade to a smart thermostat, purchase a whole-home humidifier, or purify your air with UV Lights or an iWave-R — we would love to hear from you and offer our help. Keep in mind, we guarantee customer satisfaction each and every time, no matter how big the job or small.

Give us a call!

Calling us for one of these options, or perhaps one we haven’t covered, is a great gift idea to show love to your HVAC system this Valentine’s Day — and a gift of love that will come back to you in comfort and savings over time.  If any of this interests you or you have any other sort of questions, call Springfield Heating & Cooling today at 937-350-1881, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here! 

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