Top 5 HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

Mar 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

Because Ohio weather can be extreme, HVAC problems can turn into major headaches if it knocks out our service when we need it most.

If your home comfort equipment is giving you a hard time and you’re looking for help, you’re in the right place. We at Springfield Heating & Cooling are always here to help!

Below, we present our Top 5 HVAC troubleshooting tips every Clark County, Ohio, area homeowner should know:

Checking Power Source

If your HVAC system is down, make sure to check your unit’s power source. Sometimes, this can be as simple as a circuit breaker or a fuse that’s causing your HVAC breakdown. If so, the solution is easy and won’t cost a lot.

Check Air Filters 

Checking and replacing your HVAC systems’ air filters is essential. It should be done regularly and consistently. This relatively inexpensive practice allows your home comfort equipment to run more efficiently with proper airflow, and prevents a lot of other problems, including full system failure. If it needs changed, simply locate the filter on your unit and swap it out for a new one.

Check Thermostat 

At times, the thermostat itself can cause problems that compromise home comfort levels. To figure out if this is the reason for your HVAC problem, adjust the thermometer and see if the HVAC system responds to the change. If it doesn’t, your thermostat is probably the source of the problem. Additionally, you should also check the batteries before taking the next step of calling a professional.

Check Air Vents, Clear Off

Check all your air vents and registers to see if any of them are blocked or clogged or obstructed by anything in any sort of way. If there is something covering or blocking any of them, remove it and make sure your HVAC system has proper airflow. This will improve the efficiency of your HVAC equipment.

Check Outdoor Equipment

If your home comfort system is giving you problems, make sure to check your outdoor equipment. Make sure it’s clean and clear of all debris like shrubs, leaves, weeds, yard waste, and snow. This is one of our essential HVAC troubleshooting tips, as it can often prevent small issues turning into much larger and much more expensive problems.

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