What Are HVAC Basics Every Homeowner Should Know?

Apr 22, 2022 | DIY, Blog, HVAC, IAQ, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Spring, Springfield

Are you lost when it comes to navigating your home’s heating and cooling system? Or, are you unsure of where to even begin? Do not fret! Before making a significant purchase, Springfield Heating & Cooling can help you get up to speed on what you ought to know to make the best choice for you and your home. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This system is responsible for providing comfort by heating and cooling your home. While there are many things to be said about HVAC, we will focus now on indoor air quality and the multiple factors that affect the cost of new HVAC systems.

What is the Importance of Indoor Air Quality?

Several factors in the indoor environment can affect your well-being and health, including but not limited to; chemicals, microbes, pets and pests, humidity, and ventilation. Indoor air pollution is a problem that you have the power to change. There is growing scientific evidence that indicates the air within homes can be more polluted than the outdoor air in even the biggest industrialized cities. Research has also shown that people spend 90% of their time indoors. Therefore, exposure to indoor air pollution is not only as essential but potentially more important than exposure to outdoor pollutants. It is even more vital for the young, old, or chronically ill residing within the home. Keeping your home clean, changing your air filter, and investing in an air purifier are just a few things we at Springfield Heating & Cooling recommend you do to improve your air quality this spring!

What are the Benefits of an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers contain one or more filters and a fan. The fan/fans suck in air and pass it through inside filters. These filters trap pollutants such as dust, pollen, and bacteria. They then distribute clean air back into the room, supporting healthy air circulation indoors. The benefits of air purifiers include refreshing stale air and reducing the likelihood of pollutant-induced health issues, including respiratory infections, neurological problems, and asthmatic symptoms.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a New HVAC System?

There are six key factors affecting the cost of installing a brand spanking new HVAC system: the type, SEER ratings, equipment size/cooling capacities, add-ons, ductwork/vents/returns, and zones/controls. 

  • The Type: The first factor affecting the expense of an AC installation is which system you select. Your options include a straight AC system, heat pump, packaged system, geothermal system, or a ductless system. Different homes and different people are going to have different needs. The type you choose plays a prominent role in installation costs, but that’s just the beginning.
  • SEER Ratings: A SEER rating, seasonal energy efficiency ratio, is a maximum efficiency rating similar to the miles per gallon for your car. While there isn’t a magical number for SEER, anything over 13 is excellent! Replacing a low SEER system with a 13+ SEER unit could significantly lower the cost of cooling your home. 
  • Equipment Size/Cooling Capacities: Selecting the correct size of residential heating and cooling equipment is precedent for fulfilling comfortable interior conditions and saving on initial and operating costs. Who doesn’t want to optimize both energy efficiency and comfort? However, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better! When equipment is oversized, initial expenses are higher, efficiency is minimal, energy costs increase, and comfort becomes compromised.
  • Add-Ons: Expect to pay more if you are interested in optional add-ons for initial installation. Optional add-ons include a zoning system, whole-house humidifier, or UV light filter. 
  • Ductwork/Vents/Returns: Proper ductwork, vents, and returns are necessary for your HVAC system to function well. These parts and pieces affect how your HVAC equipment heats and cools your home. If there is a problem with any of these, they will need to be corrected ASAP.
  • Zones/Controls: Zones and controls may also affect system installation costs. Interior structures that require a multiple-zone air conditioner contain spaces that require multiple types of conditioning within various rooms. Every home is different, but our experts at Springfield Heating & Cooling can undoubtedly help you pinpoint your home’s specific needs.

When you’re a homeowner, you are bound to experience hardships from time to time. Our Springfield Heating & Cooling team works hard to prevent controllable circumstances so that you and your families can live comfortably and healthily within your home at affordable costs! Call us today at (937) 350-1881, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! Let’s build the indoor environment of your dreams!

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