Why Homeowners Should Turn On Their Furnace Sooner Rather Than Later

Nov 15, 2021 | HVAC

With the colder weather making its way into Ohio, more and more homeowners begin to question when they should switch on the furnace. If you catch yourself asking this question, you’re in the right place. Ohio may have some pretty seasons; however, you may also experience all four seasons on the same day. With weather like this, you may wait until it is necessary to turn on your furnace, which turns out can be bad for your heating equipment. Here are a few points from our HVAC experts at Springfield Heating & Cooling on why you should switch your furnace on in the fall rather than the winter. 

Heating Maintenance  

Although furnaces last a while, they also have an end to their life. Furnaces could compare to cars; maintenance and repairs should be kept up with your vehicle to run correctly. Likewise, your furnace requires maintenance and repairs as well to stay in excellent condition. Although you may not need your furnace at the beginning of the fall, the best thing you can do for your heating system is to turn it on in order to ensure it is running as it should. If you experience any concerns or damages with your furnace, your best option would be to have a technician look at the earliest convenience. The HVAC technicians at Springfield Heating & Cooling will be able to identify and repair any issues with your furnace so your family can stay warm throughout the winter.

Furnace Practice Run

Did you know that it could be more harmful than beneficial for you to turn your furnace at the last minute? Unfortunately, every year, homeowners come face-to-face with malfunctioning equipment after an entire season of no use. With this recurring situation, our experts recommend starting your furnace up and running a test trial to make sure everything is functioning correctly; the best time would be when the temperature is lower than 50 degrees or in the early fall. Trial runs don’t usually take a long time either, just a few minutes out of your day to make sure your family stays warm and cozy. Also, having a technician come out to look at your furnace will ensure that your heating system is running correctly and ready for your home this winter season.

Check and Test Thermostat 

Many parts around your household’s HVAC equipment cooperate to make your home feel comfortable, including your furnace and thermostat. Sadly, just like furnaces, thermostats have the potential to become damaged or break down. So, before the colder season arrives, have your thermostat looked at as well. To ensure your thermostat is functioning properly, set a temperature on your thermostat, and then make sure your furnace and thermostat are working together to provide that warmth throughout your entire ho.

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