Your Pre-Winter Furnace Checklist

Nov 26, 2021 | HVAC, Blog, Furnace, Heating, Ohio, Springfield

There’s no getting around it. If your house is in a cold climate, keeping it warm in the winter is expensive. The Department of Energy predicts that prices for natural gas and heating oil will rise again this winter compared to last. As a homeowner, you have to become aware that furnace maintenance is a preventive service. The winter months are tough enough. You don’t need your furnace to fail while you sleep or your furnace not put out enough heat. Every homeowner wants their furnace in excellent condition, so our experts at Springfield Heating & Cooling wrote a pre-furnace checklist with you in mind. 

  • Check Your Filter- Replacing your furnace filter is a simple, easy maintenance task; however, it can also be difficult to do yourself. Check to see if it needs changed so you can schedule with one of our experts. 
  • Turn On Your Thermostat– If there isn’t proper airflow, this can cause unwanted mold to grow, thus making your furnace work harder. 
  • Clean the Heat Exchanger- Getting into the habit of checking your heat exchanger will prevent any further issues. 
  • Winterize Your Air Conditioning Unit- Protecting your equipment from the winter elements is very important. It will help you to save on costly repairs later in the year. It’s recommended that you cover the air conditioner condenser to protect it from the cold winter weather.
  • Inspect & Clean Heating Ducts- The more your system runs, the more dirt and dust can build up inside your ductwork. Be sure to take your time doing so; this will give you and your family the clean air possible. 
  • Check Thermostat Settings– Keep in mind anything within your system could go wrong just by your settings being off. You want to make sure that your furnace and thermostat are communicating effectively. 
  • Make Sure the Air Vents are Open & Unobstructed- During the winter, vents around the house can become blocked by moved rugs and furniture or have their shutters closed. Pro tip: it is a good idea to go through each room and check every air vent. 

Now we know we can’t get around the cold winter weather here in Ohio; however, following this pre-winter furnace checklist will prepare your home, allowing you to stay cozy all winter long. Furthermore, you’ll also save money by preventing possible issues in the future. Have you tested your furnace for the winter? Or do you need a professional to test for you?

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